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Aliphatic Superplasticizer (finished product)Set-retarding SS-ZFR



This product is composed of aliphatic sulfonic acid polymer and a proper amount of retarder ingredients. This product has the characteristics of high water reducing rate, striking enhancement and set-retarding effect. It can obviously improve the fluidity and workability of concrete and delay the exothermic peak temperature. It can be used to prepare C70 fluid concrete. It is especially suitable for commercial concrete mixing station and on-site pumped concrete.


Major Technical Features

1. The product is red brown liquid. The regularsolid content is 30%, and can be prepared according to user’s requirement.
2. Stable chemical properties, no precipitation of water, and no crystallization in winter. After long resting (more than one week), it should be stirred even before use.
3. Fluidity of cement paste≥210mm (when dosage of water agent is 0.2%).
4. Low dosage: the regular dosage is 1.5% to 2.0% of weight of cement material.
5. High performance of reducing water. When the dosage of water agent is 2.0%, the water reducing rate can reach 22%; it can also be used for preparing high grade concrete, fluid concrete with slump loss larger than 200mmm, saving 15% to 20% of cement.
6. The setting time is usually controlled to the range 15±5h, and can be adjusted according to user’s requirement.
7. 25~48h super-set-retarding products are available.
8. Small slump loss. It is effective in inhibiting slump loss of concrete and suitable for various kinds of cement. 
9. The compressive resistance ratio of concrete at different stages is higher than the requirement “set-retarding type of high performance water reducer” in GB8076-2008
10. It does not cause corrosion damage to iron in concret.


Major Applications

1. It can be used for preparing liquid concrete with slump loss of more than 200mm, ready mixed concrete or pumped concrete.
2. It can be used to prepare concrete with grade≤C70
3. It can be used for preparing vibration free self-compacting concrete.
4. It can be used for concrete engineering of skyscraper, road, bridge, tunnel, irrigation works, wharf, port etc.


Use and Cautions

1. The regulardosage of the water agent (30% concentration) is 1.5%~2.5% of the weight of cement material. The specific dosage is determined according to the grade of concrete strength after test. When used as base material for composite preparation, the specific dosage should be determined according to the conditions after test.
2. The dosage accuracy error of admixture shall not be greater than 1.0%.
3. The product is packed in bucket, 50kg or 200kg per bucket, or transported by tank car. In transportation and storage, attention shall be paid to rainproofing, waterproofing and dampproofing.
4. The shelf life of the product is 3 months; expired products should be tested before use
5. When this product is mixed with concrete, the stirring time should be 30 to 60 seconds longer than regular concrete.
6. The product cannot be mixed with polycarboxylate superplasticizer
7. The product should be subjected to concrete performance test before use
8. When the product is used, maintenance water may become slightly red, and may change the color of concrete mixture, but it does not affect the quality of concrete. 

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