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Pumping Agent FM(1)、FM(2)、FM(3)



This product is composed of water reducing agent and proper amount of set-retarding plastic ingredients. It is a set-retarding pump agent. It has the characteristics of high water reducing rate, obvious effect of enhancement and set-retarding, small slump loss. It can obviously improve the fluidity and workability of concrete. The product can be used to prepare high fluidity concrete with C60. It is particularly suitable for commercial concrete mixing station and field pumping concrete pumping agent. In terms of water reducing rate, the product is divided into three types: FM(1) the water reducing rate of which≥18.0%, FM(2) the water reducing rate of which≥14.0%, and FM(3) the water reducing rate of which≥12.0% 


Major Technical Features

1. Properties: brown or brown-gray powder; fineness 0.315mm sieve≤10%
2. It has micro air entraining performance.
3. It has stable chemical performance, and does not cause erosion damage to the iron in concrete. 
4. When the dosage is 1.0%, the water reducing rate of FM(1) ≥18.0%, that of FM(2) ≥14.0%, and that of FM(3)≥12.0%
5. The setting time of the product when used in concrete is controlled to the range 15±5h. It can be prepared in accordance with user’s requirement.
6. It can strikingly lower peak of hydration heat and delay the time of the peak, so as to reduce the temperature difference stress and improve anti-cracking performance and the durability of concrete.
7. Its concrete mixture has small slump loss. When the initial slump is220±10mm, the 1h change≤50mm
8. The compressive resistance ratio of concrete at different stages meets the requirement of technical indexes about pumping agent in GB8076-2008 standard. 


Major Applications

1. FM(1) can be used to prepare precast or onsite pumping concrete≤C60, and FM(2) can be used to prepare precast or onsite pumping concrete≤C45, and FM(3) can be used to prepare precast or onsite pumping concrete≤C35. 
2. It can be used in onsite mixing concrete engineering of road, bridge, tunnel and wharf. 
3. It can be used in other concrete engineering with requirement of set-retarding.


Use and Cautions

1. The regular dosage of FM(1) is 0.6~1.5% of the weight of cement material, and that of FM(2) and FM(3), 1.0~2.0%. The specific dosage should be determined according to the actual conditions and the grade of concrete strength after test.
2. The dosage accuracy error of admixture shall not be greater than 1.0%
3. Each package weighs 25kg±0.25kg, with inside being plastic packing and outside by woven bag. In transportation and storage, attention shall be paid to rain-proofing, waterproofing and damp-proofing.
4. 4. In dry state, the powder has a shelf life of 12 months, and the shelf life of the liquid form is 3 months. The expired products should be tested before concrete performance test.
5. When this product is added to concrete, the mixing time should be 30 to 60 seconds longer than regular mixing time.
6. The product cannot be mixed with polycarboxylate superplasticizer.
7. The product should be subjected to concrete performance test before use.


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