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Polycarboxylic Acid Waterproofing Agent Air-tight PCA-LA, Anti-CorrosionPCA-LB, Airtight Anti-CorrosionPCA-LC



The product is made of high performance polycarboxylate superplasticizer, waterproof ingredients, airtight and anti-corrosion components etc. It has characteristics of low alkali content, good waterproof and anti-seepage effect, durability, airtightness, and resistance to erosion. It has three types: PCA-LA which is air tight type , PCA-LB which is ani-corrosionty0pe, and PCA-LC which is airtight and anti-corrosion type. 


Major Technical Features

1. Exterior properties: The product is colorless or light yellow or light red liquid. Solid content is 5%±2%. It can also be prepared according to user’s requirement.
2. It has stable chemical properties, no precipitation of water, and no crystallization in winter. After long resting (more than one week), it should be stirred even before use.
3. Fluidity of cement paste≥240mm (when dosage of the water agent is 2%).
4. It has high water reducing function. When the dosage is 6%, the water reducing rate can reach 25%. It can used to prepare high performance concrete, fluid concrete with slump loss larger than 200mm and vibration-free self-compacting concrete, saving 15% to 20% of cement.
5. Low alkali content, and it does not lead to the occurrence of alkali aggregate reaction. 
6. Setting time is usually controlled to the range 10h±2h, and it can be prepared according to user requirement. 
7. Small loss of concrete slump. It is effective in inhibiting the loss of concrete slump.
8. It can lower hydration heat of concrete.
9. Small shrinkage rate. It can reduce or prevent concrete cracking.
10. Good effect of cracking resistance and anti-seepage. With the product mixed, the impeability of concrete can reach over P30.
11. Good airtight performance. The coefficient of concrete permeability is less than 1×10-11cm/s, which complies with TB 10120-2002 standard for Technical Code for Railway Tunnel with Gas. It can enhance the resistance of concrete against gas permeation. 
12. Good anti-corrosion performance. The corrosion resistance coefficient of concrete is greater than 0.85, complying with standard of JC/T1011-2006 Concrete Anti-corrosion Preservative Sulfate. It can improve the resistance to sulfate attack 
13. Other performance indexes meet the quality requirement of JC474-2008 Waterproof Agent for Mortar and Concrete.

Major Applications

1. It is applicable to municipal and road concrete engineering such as large span bridge, urban road, city overpass and tunnel, etc.
2. It is applicable to waterproof engineering such as underground works, civil air defense works, dam, tunnel, impounding reservoir, basement, etc. 
3. It is applicable to structural self-waterproof works, mass concrete works, and overlong seamless construction works.
4. It is applicable to concrete engineering with requirement of airtightness and corrosion resistance, such as tunnel, granary, and oil tank.


Use and Cautions

1. The regular dosage is 6%~8% of the weight of cement materials. The specific dosage is to be established in accordance with the grade of concrete strength, onsite materials and construction conditions after testing.
2. The dosage accuracy error of admixture shall not be greater than 1.0%.
3. It is packed in bucket, 50kg or 200kg per bucket, or transported by tank car. In transportation and storage, attention shall be paid to rain-proofing, waterproofing and damp-proofing.
4. The product has a shelf life of 3 months. The expired products should be subjected to concrete performance test before use. 
5. The product should be subjected to concrete performance test before use


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